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 Restoration is a real option.
Real numbers help with sound decision making. No project can be successful without knowing what you need - we deliver that information in an easy to understand format.

Workin' Bridges: Heritage Bridge Projects

Craighead Bridge, Pennsylvania 1899 Pittsburgh Bridge Co. $500,000 Funding Goal

Hayden Bridge, Springfield, Oregon Clark & Reeves Phoenixville, PA Cast Iron Rail Road Bridge Heritage Bridge Park Funding

Heritage Bridge Parks -  If we don't fund it, no one will. For more info on each bridge please see their pages on Facebook for donation options.

Workin' Bridges: Historic Bridges For Sale

Powers Highway Pony Truss 25' Eaton County, Michigan For Sale: Trails, Driveway, Deck

We work with the best craftsman and engineers. They know how to do this work; from hot riveting to heat straightening and welding old iron, your bridge deserves the best options available today.