Grins Contest

Stormy Graham won the contest!

Children ages 2-17 are invited to create an image of a friendly troll named Grins.  Grins is a troll from Iowa who has lost his home (a bridge) in a flood; he is traveling with his friend Cheery the Cardinal, in search of a new home.  Because he has lost everything in the flood, including his mirror, he does not know what he looks like.  Hence, the opportunity for a budding artist to create the winning image of Grins!  Here is Grins’ story:

Hi.  I’m Grins. I’m a friendly little troll from Iowa.

My home flooded and I lost everything, including my favorite mirror.  I’ve been traveling with my best friend, Cheery the Cardinal.  She sings when she’s happy.  She sings when she’s sad.  She sings me to sleep, and for that I am glad.

Now that it’s getting cold, I need to remember to always have my jacket, scarf and hat with me. Cheery stays warm with her cute red vest over her fluffy red feathers.

Can you help me?

Cheery says I am short, cute, and very silly!  I love to hunt, fish, hike, write stories, and take pictures of my travels.


There are more fun contests and things coming soon.