How We Work

Our passion is to help find ways to save these historic bridges. Over the years we have worked with friends groups, cities, counties and state government entities. We have found that grants for historic preservation vary and many require a government entity and rules about recreational use. Many are unaware that you can still hot rivet and weld old iron - we were told you couldn’t do those things by our first county engineer we approached several years ago.

We have analyzed dozens of bridges in our first five years and we have found ways to maximize funding availability. We know what to expect and we know how much the engineering and repairs will cost. We believe that the process of hot riveting is a better solution than welding a steel plate to a problem area and calling it ‘good’. We restore these bridges in the same engineering framework that 130 years ago made them built to last.

Please call or email us and let’s get started! We will schedule a required site visit with the team. Our site visits take place over the course of a few days. We do extensive engineering studies after we give you the estimates - so that you - the client - are able to make good decisions on moving forward. We pledge to stay with your project following our delivery of those numbers and we are there for you for the long term, because these are big projects and they take time, money, and perseverance to complete.

Check out our estimates! It's the best way to see how we work!