Everybody has a bridge story. We want to hear yours and we will post them here.

Here’s Mine:

My family did fall picnics near the bowstring bridge for generations. When I was three, playing on a tree down over the river, I fell in. I was saved by an old friend who became my hero and friend. We learned about

life at the river, every fall.  In 2001 I returned to Iowa and restarted our fall picnics, we called them Skunk River Sundays. The bowstring was always there to cross until the fall of 2009 when too much rain in too short a time caused the bridge to go downriver. We found it, we found Nels and we pulled her out of the river, because we were too stubborn to let the county have the scrap.

Now that bridge will become Paper Mill Bridge, showcased at Auburn Heights Preserve in Yorklyn, Delaware, and I am the contractor I was always supposed to be. I love bridges and we hav

e a lot more to save.